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How to Maximize your Headshot Session

Get the most out of your headshots by create a versatile set of images.

While headshots are intended to present a professional appearance, there is more than one way to make your headshot work. Headshots reflect your personality, your identity and your brand, and how you showcase that may differ depending where you use or display the headshot. Headshots can be used for your resume, LinkedIn profile, business cards, company website, marketing materials, social media, auditions and more.

Based on how you plan to use your headshots, you may need multiple images for different purposes. For instance, your company website may require a more professional look where as social media or an about page you could opt for a something more casual or fun.

To maximize your session and time, I suggest selecting a session package with time for multiple looks/outfits. Since you are already taking the time to get dressed up and photo ready, why not have image options for more than one use?

During a longer session you are able do:

-Multiple outfits - (Bring both business casual and business professional outfit options) By using multiple outfits in your session, your shots will have variety as well as versatility of use.

-Different sets or backgrounds - (Ie: A plain backdrop, as well as a photos in an office, business space or on-location for a more “lifestyle” look).

-Multiple crops: close up headshot, upper body, 3/4 length and full length.

-Props - you can even incorporate a few props into your session to showcase what you do!

-Variety of expressions and "feels"- formal business poses & expressions, casual or approachable looks as well as fun or silly shots.

If have multiple places you would like to use your portraits, be sure to use these tips and maximize your headshot session!

If you want more tips for your headshot session you can download our FREE Headshots Handbook here:

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