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Choosing the Perfect Location for your Business Branding Photoshoot

9 location ideas for shooting your lifestyle or business branding session.

Before you start considering locations for your photo session, take time to think about what your average day looks like or how you typically work with customers/clients.

Remember that you want to give your potential clients and audience a look at a day in your life, so your photos need to tell that story.

We will help you select your shoot location(s) but here are some ideas:

  • Your office or business space

  • Your home

  • Your favorite outdoor space/park/beach

  • Local coffee shop

  • Your fav restaurant or winery

  • Hotel lobby

  • Co-working spaces

  • Keylight’s photography studio

  • Any eye-catching/recognizable local location

FREE BUSINESS BRANDING HANDBOOK: Download a free copy of our entire business & lifestyle branding handbook: everything you need to know for your photo session.

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