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When you support small business, you are supporting a dream

Self portrait of Ashley Duggan

A little about Keylight and how we started...

Growing up with very business savvy, entrepreneurial parents instilled a passion in me for all things business at a very young age.  I love to see small businesses start up, grow and prosper.  It is so exciting to watch someone use their talents and create a business doing what they love.

Ever since my very first bake sale, where I turned my creatively decorated cookies into profit, I have known I was meant to be an entrepreneur.  Although baking remains a much beloved hobby of mine (just stop by on a Sunday morning and your nose will tell you something tasty is in the oven), I have always wanted to work in marketing and business.

I attended business school and got the basics down, but realized I needed to inject some creativity into my vision.  Throughout high school and my travels afterwards, I carted around a vintage Canon.  And while in college, I used my photography skills to create imagery for marketing and business assignments.  By the time I had finished my first year, I had concluded that I must know more about photography!

I enrolled in the Professional Photographic Imaging Program at Langara College in Vancouver and completed my Diploma.  Once back in the Okanagan, I started up my first "real" business and opened up the doors of Keylight Photography in 2008.  

As I refined my business and enjoyed more successes, I wanted to "share the love" as they say.  So I started partnering with local businesses to photograph and showcase what they are best at.  Watching my imagery help them grow and connect with new clientele was and is so rewarding for me.  

Now over 10 years have passed and I can truly say, I LOVE my "job ".  Being able to combine my passion for creativity and business is a dream come true.  I would love to support your dream or business vision, and it would be an honour to shoot for you.

Ashley Duggan, Professional Photographer
- Diploma in Professional Photographic Imaging

-Small Business Owner & Advocate

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