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10 Props to bring to your Business Branding Photo Session

Great prop ideas for maximizing your branding or lifestyle session for your business.

Props are the perfect way to incorporate personality and tell your brand story. So it's worth putting some thought into what you might want to bring to your photoshoot. Here are my top 10 prop ideas!

1. Branded items: business cards/pamphlets, clothing, any other marketing materials.

2. Slogan items: props that resonate with you/your clients. For example a mug with a fun saying or a notebook with a relevant quote.

3. Your laptop, phone (especially if you work off of either) or brief case.

4. Personal items that share something about you: Your favorite book, jersey, candles, flowers, favorite home decor item, artwork etc.

5. Accessories: hats, sunglasses, scarves, watches, jewelery, belts, purses etc.

6. Cork board with business planning or vision board.

7. Work related tools or supplies.

8. Products: if you sell/use them for your business.

9. Hobby related props: cooking gear (food items), fishing equipment, sports gear, yoga mat/blocks, musical instruments etc.

10. Celebration Items: if you are celebrating a birthday, event or business milestone we can incorporate something like balloons, cake, sparklers etc into a few images.

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