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5 Ways to Use Props in your Business Branding Photo Session

How to showcase your business & brand through the use of props in your lifestyle photoshoot!

1. Props can be used to incorporate your brand colors. Pillows on a couch or different color files, notebooks, mugs or pens are just some examples of how you can incorporate pops of color. If you’re using any electronics such as your phone or laptop, save an image of your website or logo to display on the screen.

2. Props can be used to help personalize your photos. Think about including items that help showcase what you do during the day. A funky planning board is a good example.

3. Props can also be used to create a connection with a potential client. Showcasing certain books on your desk or coffee table featuring titles that resonate with your audience.

4. Add a few personal touches to your workspace to give clients an idea of what you’re all about. Flowers, a coffee mug or a passport (if you love to travel) could work well for this.

5. Detail shots such as a close up of your hands typing on your laptop or of your coffee mug next to fun notebook are also some popular prop ideas.

Bonus Tip: Bring at least 3-5 props to your shoot (more if you are booking a larger package).

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